2002 - 2004
free-standing, immersive sound and video environment, 25' diameter

exhibition history
test 1/ urbanlab, chicago, 2002
test 2/ melting point gallery, san francisco, 2002
test 3/ kunsthaus tacheles, berlin, 2003

The Narcissus Project is an immersive, interactive audiovisual environment which absorbs the projected self-image of a participant and returns stimulative and changeable variations of that visual and aural self. A free-standing structure, the Narcissus Project is designed to be experienced by one visitor at a time. All sound and video within the space is based upon the actions of the participant. The exterior of the structure, through which the images and sound from within incompletely pass, provides a partial privacy and therefore a narratively-different experience for other visitors.

Copyright 2001-2010 Dorsey Dunn